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Looking to save a lot of time and money on your next Anti-Virus review?

Fighting viruses and other malware is an ongoing battle. New types of viruses, new infection methods, and the growing spread of the Internet all contribute to an ever-increasing complexity.

The Enterprise Anti-Virus Book is a timely response to these and other questions:

  • What do we need to consider for a truly comprehensive AntiVirus solution?
  • How can we be certain that we've covered all the angles?
  • What should we be looking for from our vendors?
  • Should we be using a desktop, Firewall or a Server-based defense?
  • What kinds of files can be infected?

Designed for the working Anti-Virus specialist, and written in a clear, easy to read fashion, this book will save you countless hours every time you review your Anti-Virus defenses.

This book is a very practical tool for defining what criteria one should consider for each of the main areas of Anti-Virus in an Enterprise. It focuses on the facts and defines in concise terms what one needs to keep in mind as an Anti-Virus evaluation and review process evolves.

Written by Robert Vibert, an acknowledged specialist in corporate Anti-Virus solutions, it was published in May, 2000. 


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ISBN 0-9687464-0-3

"I recommend it unreservedly to any corporate Anti-Virus administrator."

Steve Howells, Global Security Operations Manager, KPMG

Section Title Contents
Suppliers What you should expect from your Anti-Virus supplier - support, services, training, information, etc.
Generic Considerations All the common criteria you need to consider for every module of your Anti-Virus solution -  scanning speeds, detection rates, Operating System coverage, etc. How tests are conducted, alternatives to scanning, updates.
The Desktop Anti-Virus What to look for in the desktop Anti-Virus modules - real-time and on-demand detection, options for all flavours of Windows,
Server Anti-Virus What server-level Anti-Virus modules should cover - NT, UNIX, NetWare
Anti-Virus Deployment and Configuration Management What to consider with regard to deployment tools, maintenance and configuration options - deploying the product, maintaining it in an enterprise, alerting mechanisms, logging alerts.
E-mail Anti-Virus What  to consider with regard to E-mail Anti-Virus - detection in attachments and mail
GroupWare What you need to have for your Notes and Exchange servers, Lotus Notes specific viruses & malware, digital signatures
Firewalls What you need to have for your Internet Firewalls
Glossary Terms related to the Anti-Virus world
Infectable Objects A compendium of more than 200 file types which can be infected or contain infected objects.


In each section, a thorough examination of the criteria one should consider is developed and checklists one can follow are presented. The material is based upon more than eight years of practical, real world experience in designing, configuring, and implementing Enterprise-level Anti-Virus solutions, together with the input from Anti-Virus and security specialists from around the world.  Unlike some other publications, this one is not padded with screen shots of anti-virus software, does not ramble on about topics only marginally related to the subject, and does not contain a single line of thinly disguised promotional information on products the author thinks you should buy. The content has been distilled from thousands and thousands of pages of research.

The book includes checklists for more than 600 criteria you should consider.

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